... based on the novel House of Cards

murder novel based on true events

When the head of the sixth largest investment banking and securities firm in the United States is assassinated on Times Square in the middle of New York City’s annual Festival of the Dead, Homicide Detective Louis Martelli is one of the first on the scene. Working quickly, NYPD Information Specialist Missy Dugan quickly identifies the assassin, but the case rapidly spirals downward into a maelstrom of death and international intrigue linked both to the financial meltdown of 2008 and Islamic terrorism. Who was behind the murders, and why did the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) attempt to shut down Martelli’s investigation before he was even able to begin work in earnest? Martelli eventually learns the answers to these and other questions as he tracks down the killer, but not before uncovering some of Wall Street’s darkest secrets, including a plot to fund terrorism from within the depths of the Street’s financial institutions.

If you are interested in producing this compelling screenplay based on real events as a film for theater or television, please contact the author here.