Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction - Book 2, by Theodore Jerome Cohen

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Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction - Book 2

Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction - Book 2

If you like your fiction entwined with fact (faction), this collection of "flash fiction" (less than 250 words per story) is for you! Some of the stories featured here were award-winning entries in the weekly Flash Fiction Challenges sponsored by the Website Indies Unlimited. Other tales were inspired by or drawn from the short stories found in Cohenís The Road Less Taken: A Collection of Unusual Short Stories, Books 1 and 2, or from some of his mystery/thrillers. Even more were inspired by interesting or unusual photographs found on the Internet.

In Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction, Flash Fiction Anthology Ė Book 2, youíll find a tale about World War II that may make you wonder whether or not what you are reading is fiction; the lowdown on the first selfie ever taken; an intellectual conversation at the shore between a dog and an elephant while they observe a formation of Canadian geese; and a story about a tarot card reading that comes to a troubling conclusion. In short (pun intended), there is something in this book for almost every genre and taste.

Praise for Theodore Jerome Cohenís Writing Style

"Brilliant! Above all, Cohen is a masterful storyteller." ~ Mark Mitchell, former editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal
"Cohen is a writing virtuoso!" ~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review
"A fresh voice in literary journalism." ~ Richard Blake for Readers Views
"Great entertainment . . . sure to delight." ~ Lee Ashcroft for Readersí Favorite
"Stands out from the crowd." ~ Krista Schnee for Hollywood Book Review