Illustrated Children's Storybook

Pepe Builds a Nest, by Theodore Jerome Cohen

English Editions
  • E-book ASIN: B01NAQ9IDZ
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781541194564
Pepe Builds a Nest

Spanish Edition
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781545552254 (Spanish)
Pepe Construye un Nido

French Edition
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781546453239 (French)
Pepe Construit un Nid

A wonderful story about making the right choices
and dealing with bullies!

Pepe, the penguin, needs to build a nest for
Miss Amber and himself. But Otto, the bully, keeps stealing his stones. See how Pepe and
others solve the problem, finally
bringing Pepe and Otto together
as friends.

Pacific Book Review - Star Award
Star Review - 2017
Pacific Book Review
Awarded for
Excellent Merit
Pacific Book Awards
First Place
Pacific Book Review’s
2017 Annual Book Awards:
"Best Children's Illustrated"
Readers' Favorite

Praise for Pepe Builds a Nest

5 STARS: “Theodore Jerome Cohen’s colorful picture book story, Pepe Builds a Nest, deals with complex issues that all young children must face: bullying and making choices. An informative way of teaching valuable life lessons.” ~ Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite
Pacific Book Review Star: “Move over, Happy Feet, there's a new bird in town!” ~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review
“A delightful story that tackles an important topic - bullying - in a gentle way that children will understand, while also educating readers on the life of penguins in Antarctica.” ~ Feathered Quill Book Reviews
“This book’s verse and illustrations will delight primary grade children, early readers, and young-at-heart adults.” ~ Linda S. Finkle, K-8 Elementary Educator
“This is a delightful story both teachers and parents can use for role-playing exercises with children.” ~ Maryann Fedorko, K-8 Reading Specialist
5 STARS: "Lyrical and rhythmic, Pepe Builds a Nest by Theodore Jerome Cohen is a priceless gem that young readers will devour with awesome delight. I read it with my six-year-old son and he was thrilled." ~ Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite
"The story reinforces the idea that it's important to stand up for ourselves and others when we feel bullied." ~ Elizabeth Carr for PennyMindingMom
Pepe Builds a Nest - Reader's Favorite Award Winner

Featured Review

"Pepe Builds a Nest  by Theodore Jerome Cohen is a wonderful book to share with young children that deals with the issue of bullying. A conflict between two penguins leads to learning important values and life lessons including honesty, hard work, persistence, standing up for yourself and others, friendship, and forgiveness. Written in rhyme, it makes for a fun read aloud and a perfect opportunity to practice rhyming skills." ~ Julie Yeros for Globe Trottin' Kids
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  • learning about world geography and cultures
  • understanding and appreciating diversity in our world
  • becoming responsible global citizens
Teachers, parents, homeschoolers: for an activity guide on how
to talk to your children about bullying using
Pepe Builds a Nest, click here

Featured Review

"While the topic is penguins, this story is about a bully. It is told in rhyme and easy for Pre-K and primary children to follow and understand. Penguins are a favorite topic, and the photograph illustrations are so interesting to them. This story would be nice for a class discussion for the topic of bullies. Fun and educational reading!" ~ Carolyn Wilhelm for The Wise Owl Factory

Teachers, parents, homeschoolers: read this review.
Then, watch your children enjoy these penguin
writing and coloring activities keyed to Pepe Builds a Nest.

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