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Fuzzy Wuzzy, by Theodore Jerome Cohen

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Fuzzy Wuzzy

An exciting story about a
precocious bear cub who doesn't
listen to his mother and almost
ends up in the hands of the Big Bad Wolf!

Fuzzy Wuzzy, his brothers, Bob and Hal,
and sister, Sal, were told to stay in their lair
while Mama Bear went fishing. But Fuzzy, bored,
decides to explore the world. Ivan the Wolf
could not have been happier to see him,
given how hungry he is. Can Fuzzy escape
Ivan’s clutches?


Praise for Theodore Jerome Cohen's
Writing Style

"Cohen scribes his words with a syllabic beat of an iambic rhyme to lull the intended audience into a safe and cozy place.” ~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review

Praise for Fuzzy Wuzzy

"Little children, parents, and teachers are sure to enjoy this story and want to read it over and over again. They'll love the rhyming verse." ~ Deanie Humphrys-Dunne for Children’s Books with Life Lessons
“Cohen's illustrations are marvelous! They are cunningly selected to fit the story perfectly.” ~ Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
"Fuzzy Wuzzy is delightful and a winner for sure. Love it, and so will the kids.” ~ Maryann Fedorko, K-8 Reading Specialist
“We had a wonderful time, and we loved having you here! Thank you so much!!” ~ Kirsten Orechiwsky, 1st Grade Teacher, Newtown (PA) Friends School

Featured Review

"Fuzzy Wuzzy is a story with real photos of bears and a wolf that helps children learn to listen when given directions. The pictures are clear and further the story line. The bears are real and adorable. The wolf is . . . realistic! For a child who might need reminders about listening to parents, this is the perfect read aloud. Children who like science and animals will like it as well. Many of my students preferred nonfiction photos to cutesy clip art, and they paid better attention to real photographs. Of course, the story is fiction and ends happily as all good children's stories do!" ~ Carolyn Wilhelm for The Wise Owl Factory

Teachers, parents, homeschoolers: read this review.
Then, watch your children enjoy these bear
writing and coloring activities keyed to Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Parents and Teachers: Use these Websites to Download Pictures of Bears for Your Children to Color