Wheel of Fortune, by Theodore Jerome Cohen

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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Even as a child, Katlyn Lundquist was drop-dead gorgeous. She also was willful. In her teens, perhaps out of spite, she created her own name and persona. As she grew up, she readily accepted money and gifts from her parents but thumbed her nose at society in general and her parent’s way of life in particular. A seeming infatuation with Tommie Lupinacci, head of a major crime-infested cartage association based in Brooklyn, led her to move east with the mobster. But when she showed up dead with a bullet in the back of her head, NYPD Detectives Louis Martelli and Sean O’Keeffe were stumped. If this were a mob hit, why dump her body in plain sight? Moreover, who was she and what was the motive for killing her? The investigation leads to the area around Lundquist’s hometown in eastern Pennsylvania and to the mob’s efforts to take over the trash hauling and recycling business in Lancaster and York, PA. It’s only after Martelli brings IT Specialist Missy Dugan into the case that he and O’Keeffe are able to unravel the mystery. (Adult language)

Praise for Wheel of Fortune

"Raises the bar for aspiring writers of police fiction." ~ Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite
"Guaranteed to captivate. Cohen is a writing virtuoso!" ~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review
"A fast-paced, intelligent mystery . . . intricate plot development and action . . . stands out from the crowd." ~ Krista Schnee for Hollywood Book Review
"A thrilling ride . . . hard to put down." ~ Michel Violante for Reader Views