Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction - Book 3, by Theodore Jerome Cohen

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Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction - Book 3

Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction - Book 3

If you like your fiction entwined with fact (faction), this collection of "flash fiction" (less than 250 words per story) is for you! A few of the stories featured here, in Book 3 of the series Flash Fiction Anthologies, were award-winning entries in the weekly Flash Fiction Challenges sponsored by the Website Indies Unlimited. Others are based on or inspired by Cohenís fictionalized autobiography, Full Circle and his Det. Louis Martelli, NYPD, series of mystery/thrillers.

Most, however, are the product of his creative mind, prompted by an endless stream of provocative photographs of people, animals, buildings, and landscapes found on a variety of Internet sites. Specifically, in this volume, youíll find a tale about an injured bomb-tracking dog named Drak in Afghanistan, a gritty story about a standoff between a detective and a female serial killer, the humorous tale about the theft of one of the Queen of Englandís swans, and a story about a suspenseful conflict between the chief of a Native American tribe and a cowboy. In short (pun intended), there is something in this book for almost every genre and taste.

Praise for Theodore Jerome Cohenís Writing Style

"Brilliant! Above all, Cohen is a masterful storyteller." ~ Mark Mitchell, former editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal
"Cohen is a writing virtuoso!" ~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review
"A fresh voice in literary journalism." ~ Richard Blake for Readers Views
"Great entertainment . . . sure to delight." ~ Lee Ashcroft for Readersí Favorite
"Stands out from the crowd." ~ Krista Schnee for Hollywood Book Review